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Your life purpose coach Kelly has created a space of light and heart-filled love for you as you visit this site.

Rose Quartz is the energetic frequency of love, harmonizing the heart chakra into attunement, promoting peace in us all.

Kelly's purpose is to - help lift the vibration of humanity, to guide people to heal their heart, and establish unconditional love and acceptance of self.

Meet your life purpose coach

Kelly is a holistic practitioner working in coaching in the wellness field to promote a life well-lived. Through a heart-centred approach, she guides her clients in an empowering way to find the answers themselves. Kelly is also a certified hypnosis practitioner, certified in Quantum healing hypnosis technique and Beyond quantum healing. You can find more about these services here 




If you would like to work with Kelly why not inquire today - there are courses and coaching options to suit everyone, all conducted online. 

If you are looking for the purpose in your life, see what Be Quartz Hearted has to offer you on your life journey.