The crystal healing store was created out of a love of the natural elements of the earth - crystals. 

Why choose our store?

Each piece is cleansed ready for you to use, we do this by using the singing bowl to the tone of OM. This vibrates at the frequency of 432hz - the same vibrational frequency that is found in all of nature. Doing this brings the crystal to its original oscillary rate of vibration. 

Not only do we prepare your crystals with the OM tone, we bless them in love light to bring to you the beholder the highest guidance. 

Each crystal jewel or accessory comes with a small message about its properties and how it can be best used or worn. 

For any loose stones purchased we will intuitively choose the one that feels right for you, let us know if this will be a gift for someone else. 

We provide instruction on how to care for your crystals - how to cleanse and retune them, and how to tune into the crystal with heart intention and pure love. 

Each crystal holds consciousness, treasure yours, we are blessed to be given such gifts from the earth and mother Gaia. 

Crystals are conscious, alive and part of the mineral kingdom. They are connected to the elements of earth, air, water, fire and ether/space.

The elements are also part of the astrological zodiac 

Earth - Taurus, virgo and capricorn

Water - Cancer, scorpio and pisces 

Air - Gemini, libra and aquarius

Fire - Aries, leo and sagitarius

Crystal colours correspond to the chakra system and cystals can be used for their healing properties and qualities.

The crown - violet

Third eye - indigo

Throat - blue

Heart - green

Solar plexus - yellow

Sacral - orange

Root - red

They too are connected with the Archangels - the seven rays. 

Blue ray - Michael

Yellow ray - Jophiel

Pink - Chamuel

White - Gabriel

Green - Raphael

Red - Uriel

Purple - Zadkiel

Colour therapy and crystals -

Crystal energy is used to aide physical and mental health through the use of colour in the transference of energy to the physical body.

Colour therapy also known as chromotherapy aligns with the chakra system in its beneficial way of adjusting the body's vibrations to align and harmonise in balance. 

Crystals and healing -

Crystals can be used as natural conduits of healing, they are part of our ancient past before we lost the connection with our belief in natural healing from the earth. 

Crystals were once revered for their ability to aide in healing the emotions, the physical, mental and assist in spiritual growth. 

How to use crystals -

Place on the body

Wear them on the body - jewellery

Hold them

Carry them

Meditate with them

Have them around the home/workplace

Place under the pillow when you sleep

Crystal water by placing in water for a specified time 

Use them in prayer

Use them in healings