All about Rose Quartz

What is Rose Quartz and why is it the inspiration for this page and the work that Kelly facilitates with her clients? 

This is a beautiful crystal and one that has many beneficial properties, including ;

  • Encourages a love of self 

  • Harmonizes and heals past and current hurts often held emotionally in the body

  • Promotes a feeling of peace with oneself 

  • Uplifts the spirit

  • Restores trust and inner knowing

  • Helps to clear negative feelings

  • Brings us back to the heart-centre

Why and how do I infuse the vibrational frequency of this site, my coaching and courses with rose quartz?

It is such a peaceful frequency to work with when using rose quartz and brings with it calmness of mind. Often in this busy world we live in we forget about ourselves and we get caught up in chaos.

I created the coaching and courses to help people step out of that chaos.

With the intent of working with crystals, we can ourselves embody their properties and benefits. This work was created and inspired by a heart space perspective of love and unity. To raise the vibrational frequency of all who wish to embody that energy.   

Working with crystals on an intuitive level I place that high vibrational love into this work so that we can lift ourselves vibrationally.

The frequencies of healing that rose quartz give us promote wholeness of oneself, and that is the purpose of this site and my work.