Be Quartz Hearted Coaching

Be Quartz Hearted coaching was developed because I believe its time to come back to ourselves and our hearts. The time has come to reevaluate how we see our lives and what is actually working for us. Do we feel fulfilled? A simple but difficult question to answer. I hear many times 'but I don't have the time' or 'i don't have time for myself'. This is a time to shift our consciousness and elevate into the energy and frequency of quartz. A heart-filled space of truth awaits when we tune back into ourselves and what true happiness and joy feel like. 

Interested in having your own coach? 

Kelly will help you to talk through what is not working in your life, to find your passions and love's in life and to encourage you to work from a space of love for yourself. 

Imagine if you will a life where you feel fulfilled, where every moment is meaningful and appreciated – How can we achieve such a thing? Through our coaching, there is an option to fit everyone, no matter what your budget or need. 

All coaching options are conducted via email/messenger – whichever suits you best. This provides the opportunity for you to feel safe that you can open up and reach out for support in the times when you need it. I will always endeavour to message within a reasonable timeframe for you. 

Coaching doesn’t always have to be in the areas of money and career… What about building up yourself (self-awareness, self-love, gratitude and, peace) to feel whole and enriched in your life? 

Sometimes we need someone to listen, to really listen. To inspire us to make the changes we want, to find the solutions and to better understand ourselves to do this. 

When our hearts are open and we embrace each day, when we learn to be the way-shower for ourselves, we know that even the simplest of changes make all the difference to a life well-lived. 

I believe the time is now, don’t put off working towards being your best self and living your best life. 


Only option three includes weekly pre-recorded videos and printable workbook with reflective questions and goal setting/action-oriented sections. The rest of the coaching is done through conversation, reflective questioning and inspirations for change. 

To book any of the coaching options, please contact Kelly and she will arrange your coaching and payment. Paypal for international customers and direct bank transfer option in Australia.

For a short course in finding fulfilment


A short mini course in how to find fulfilment in your life. This course examines why how we view ourselves has such a powerful effect on how we live our lives. We look at how to build a daily practice that sets you on the path to fulfilment. 

The course includes video content and written text

What does your course include?

  • A message from your instructor
    • Lesson 1 - Reflective Questions (Free preview available)

      • Lesson 1 - Who are you?

      • Lesson 2 - Unpicking the labels 

      • Lesson 3 - Valuing the self

      • Lesson 4 - Valuing what you do in the world

      • Lesson 5 - Bringing it all together

        • Goal setting

        • More resources for you