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I have my crystal elixir, now what do i do with it?

Firstly let's start off with, kudos for following that instinct and guidance towards getting that crystal elixir! Hoorah.

Crystals elixirs can be used by anyone, you don't need to be a crystal or spiritual expert to enjoy them, and to receive the benefits from using them!

All you have to be is open to bringing in this high dimensional frequency into your awareness.

There is a reason you chose the elixir

  • Perhaps you have chosen a crystal elixir that resonates with you, an inner guidance or gut instinctual feeling lead you to it

  • It might be something you aspire to be/have or do

  • To heal something

There are many reasons as to why you felt drawn to buy an elixir, but most importantly is the fact that you did.

How to use it?

Crystal elixirs are really easy to use, I will share with you how I use mine and you can see if that resonates with you. It's good to use your intuition and see how you are guided to use the elixir.

Here's a step by step guide for the dropper bottles:

  • Shake the bottle

  • Place 2-4 drops in your cupped hand and rub your hands together

  • Breathe in the scent from your cupped hands

  • Spread the elixir essence around your body and aura without touching the skin, this is at arm's length

  • Finish with placing your hands on your heart, feel the gratitude of what the elixir is, know it, accept it and embrace it

  • Finish with the prayer position close to your heart, with your thumbs or side of your thumbs touching your heart space, thank the elixir, be in appreciation of it's high vibrational energies

An example: For the abundance elixir you might add an affirmation that coincides with abundance

For spray bottles: Shake the bottle and spray around yourself and your aura, you might like to use the prayer position or hands on heart as you breathe in and absorb the intention of the elixir into your auric field

For roller bottles: Rub over wrists, use on temples, forehead, back of the neck as you wish. Keep away from sensitive eye area.

If using on wrist areas, inhale scent from elixir, apply as many times as you feel guided to. This might be every 10-15 minutes for the first hour if experiencing a headache, afterwards 2-3 times a day is sufficient.

How does it work?

Crystal elixirs are infused with the vibrational energy of the crystals used to make them, each crystal holds a frequency that is a particular set of energies - for example: Amethyst might be used in an elixir to aid with stress, as amethyst carries the frequency of inner peace, it helps to calm the mind and emotional state and works to balance and harmonise.

By working with an elixir we are working with that frequency and intention of the crystals used.

Water works as the carrier of that intention, when we fill water with love and high vibration it infuses with those frequencies.

We are bringing this into our auric and etheric field to aid the physical, emotional, and spiritual being that we are.

What is the process in making the elixirs?

Each elixir that I make is infused with charged crystals, these stones are activated to their fullest and highest state of frequency.

Infused with the sun's energy, each elixir works with the healing properties of sun or moon energies.

Using Archangel alchemy the elixirs are safely protected for its user and bathed in Source love/light.

They are infused with high frequency sound or toning - using either the tuning fork, singing bowl or high vibrational healing music.

All elixirs are made with filtered pure water, and stored in amber glass bottles.

How long will my elixir last?

All of my elixirs have a preservative in them to prolong their life. They can last for up to 1 year, this is the perfect amount of time and gives you plenty of time to work with that elixir.

A dropper bottle may last for longer than a spray, it depends how much you use. The roller bottles are smaller. I have a headache elixir I carry in my bag which I've had for months now, it is wonderful at easing any tension or head pain I experience.

Each elixir comes with some guidance on how to use it and how much to use. As these are alternative natural therapies, use your discernment and intuition if you wish.

How do I use my elixirs?

I always use them in my meditations. After I have surrounded myself with a golden bubble of protection I will start to use to elixir.

I often use one elixir in the morning and another in the evening. You can have many that you use regularly, depending on what you feel drawn to.

Where can I buy them?

You can purchase my crystal elixirs in my online store

- The crystal healing store

Afterpay and Laybuy are available for all purchases

Delivery is for Australia and New Zealand only

How much are they?

Prices range up to $25

I have many listed on my site, you can also choose to have a personalised one made up especially for you and what you are needing.

Find me here:

For more instructional how to's and videos go to my Facebook page

And join my Facebook group

Past lives, future healing & spirituality

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