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Managing Fear in 5 Easy Steps

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

In a course of miracles, it says that - ‘Fear is always a sign of strain,

arising whenever what you want conflicts with what you do’.

I'm sure we've all been here right?

I have and I still do find myself here occassionally, luckily not so often anymore. It's not a place I like to visit.

When fear takes it's hold it can leave you feeling powerless. Almost paralysed.

It can take hold in an all consuming bodily reaction of extreme worry, anxiety and upset. Manifesting emotion throughout the body into tension, headaches, upset stomach's and sickness. When here it's good to not to stay too long, elongated stays of fear can put the body in all kinds of unease and dis-ease. It is said that long term this can make us sick and unwell from storing negative emotion in the physical body.

Fear can come when there is a loss of trust. Trust in ourselves, trust in situations/circumstances and trust in the universe. Fear gives love away in these times because we have allowed it. Let's keep fear at bay, love in our hearts, trust and allow. Remember, we cannot be in a place of love when we are in a place of fear. It's one or the other.

What to do when fear takes hold?

There are 5 easy steps I recommend:

One -

It sounds simple, but often feeling fear causes us to not breathe properly. Take longer, deeper breath's and regulate your breathing. Steady the flow of oxygen coming into the body, and dispell those short breaths for longer ones. It calms the nervous system and centers the mind. A good distraction is to think of breathing in positivity and breathing out fear, ridding the body and mind of the fearful thoughts. Let go of the fear.

Two -

Up your intake of water. Remember to stay hydrated in times of stress.

We often neglect ourselves and our wellbeing when we are in a state of fear. Water may also help with headaches and stomach upsets, especially when the body has not been hydrated enough throughout these periods of time when we are busy entertaining the fear instead of our health.

Three -

Sit quietly. The thought of meditation in times of anxiety and worry may seem difficult and even pointless, yet it is exactly the thing that is helpful to centre and calm a busy and overworked mind. If complete silence is'nt appealing to you, try some relaxing music on youtube or spotify. I like Binaural beats. This one is my favourite go to. At just under 15 minutes, perfect.

Four -

Think of what you're grateful for. There is always something we feel thankful and good about. When fear is there, an overthinking mind can be distracting and overwhelming. Try to think better thoughts and leave behind the ones nagging you from that place of uneasiness. Go to the place of love. If you journal, write down a gratitude list.

Five -

Take a walk in nature. Each time a fear arises, go out into nature. Surround yourself with the beauty and tranquility of the natural world. Leave behind the hustle and bustle, the noise of the world. Time alone serves as a great reminder of who you truly are. This is not the time to seek others opinions on your fearful situation, go inward instead. Seek your own inner guidance. When you are calm and your mind has become quiet again guidance will come. It's about trust.

What crystals can help in times of fear?

- Charoite

- Smokey Quartz

- Black Tourmaline

- Hematite

- Rose Quartz

- Black Obsidian

I hope you enjoyed this post about fear and ways we can extinquish fear in times of worry, It's something that is prevalent in many people's lives. If we can choose love over fear the more aligned we will be in our purpose.

More love equals less fear.

Align with love

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