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The Spiritual Seeker's Crystal Guide

There are always going to be the crystals that catch your eye or attention, or even just come into your world in some form or another - whether through a gift or just happening to find yourself in a crystal store or on a crystal page online.

These intuitive hits are often signs leading you to certain crystals for the healing properties they have. Trust your intuition, it's your inner guidance system helping to guide the way for you on your spiritual path.

I have a beautiful Onyx necklace I bought just before my awakening - it makes more sense to me now why I was attracted to it than what I realised at the time. Now, I know it was its protective energies that I was drawn to. This was the first black crystal I owned.

That leads me into the black crystals and why they are important to those on the spiritual path. As our light shines brighter we are often targets for negative energies that are attracted to our love and light. There are many ways to dispel and retract these negative energies and black crystals are one.

These include - Onyx, Black Obsidian, Tourmaline, hematite and Shungite. I recommend that everyone has one or more of these crystals in their collection. They help to ground and protect us. They also dispel fear and keep us from being drawn into the negativity.

My next recommendation is Selenite. Selenite is useful in so many ways, not only as a harmonising stone, one that calms and protects, cleanses and clears the environment. But also for its ability to cleanse other stones! I love placing crystals on the selenite to cleanse overnight. When we use crystals often or take them out with us they too need clearing occasionally to restore their purity from energies that have been in contact with. This includes keeping your home as a sacred place! They are working hard for you and its important to see that not only do we need to cleanse ourselves, we also need to remember our crystals!

The next go to's are the crystals that bring us back to our heart centre, these are essential as they remind us that our true being is love. At times the world around us is far from love and light, so its good to remember that this is our true nature - universal love. Universal love is unity consciousness and without the heart being healed and functioning at its highest we cannot achieve true unity awareness.

These crystals include - Rose Quartz, Lepidodite, Rhodonite & Green Jasper.

For higher consciousness - working with your inner knowing, guides, angels and the divine there are crystals that help you to open up to a higher knowing. Wearing these crystals, working with them in meditation, carrying them or having them in your environment creates a space of high frequency and high consciousness awareness. This too matches your vibration which enhances its abilities and yours. To open the crown chakra encourages higher divine guidance, intuition and a path to awakening and enlightenment.

These include - Labradorite, Clear Quartz, Charoite and Lapis Lazuli.

From all of the crystals mentioned there are items in store, click on the images for the links.

Whatever crystals find themselves to you, just remember that these are beautiful gifts from the Earth - living consciousness. If a crystal isn't right for you you may find it leaves you or if it has done all it can it may break. Some crystals drop and chip- they have taken a hit for you so to speak, they are still very much useful and there for you.

I believe that we should feel honoured by such beauty and wisdom, give thanks to your crystals and cleanse them. The method of cleansing will differ depending on the type of crystal. One safe way is to imagine pure white light cleansing them - or to use the sound frequencies of a singing bowl or tuning fork.

I have only listed a few crystals here, there are many many more I could have listed. But whatever you feel drawn to go with your own intuition.

Enjoy your crystal journey and let us honour our Earth for her gifts -

Dear Mother Gaia and the Crystal kingdom,

We thank you and honour you for all you do for us,

We promise to use these gifts wisely and with grace,

for we know that they are here to help us on our path.

Whatever we borrow for the time we are here,

We cherish and appreciate, for they are parts of you, of Source as are we.

Blessed be.

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