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Distance healing 45 minute session (+15 minute message chat of what came through in your session)


When you book your session you will be sent a crystal strawberry quartz bracelet. Strawberry quartz is known for its properties in stimulating a flow of happiness and joy in your life. 

Helping with stress, anxiety and worry. A great crystal to settle and balance emotions. 


When buying this healing session let me know the date and time you would like your healing, I will contact you to confirm or arrange a time/date closest to your preference. 


You will know exactly when your session is starting and ending, I ask that you spend this 45 minutes laying down somewhere comfortably while the healing is taking place.


We can do a general healing that cleanses and rejuvenates the body, or you can let me know specifically of an area of the body that needs assisting. 


What happens during a session?


  • Using crystal therapy i will be setting a gridwork of energy to work within for your session
  • I will work intuitively with the crystals and which ones will be assiting you in your healing session
  • The Archangels are called in to assist 
  • I will connect with your energy and place you in a protective shield for the duration of our session
  • I will be working with the golden dome of energy in which the healing is centred
  • You will experience Angelic healing and cleansing of your physical, etheric and auric field


It is a beautiful state to be in when recieving angelic healing. Your healing will continue in the days and even weeks after the session, as you continue to work with your angelic guidance elixir (if you choose to add this to your purchase). This enables you to regain and recreate a high frequency space with the Archangels.


This session opens your awareness up into a higher state of being, allowing whatever needs to begin to be healed to be healed. When we are in a state of allowing we can accept healing, as we are the ones who heal ourselves.

I myself am the conduit that brings in higher vibrational healing energies to you through the angelic realm.

It is my gift to share this with you, I am humble to be of assistance through angelic distance healing. 



Distance Angelic healing session + FREE crystal bracelet

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