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Fertility Crystal Set.

Contains - selenite moon charging plate, lepidolite palm stone, amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, moonstone and citrine

Selenite - your charging plate recharges your crystals to keep them vibing high.

It is works to boost fertility and protect the pregnancy.

Lepidolite palm stone - alleviates anxiety and keeps fear at bay when trying to conceive.

Hold in your palm or place on the body.

Amethyst- to keep you calm and relieve stress.

Rose quartz- to help balance hormone levels, heal past disappointments, and attract self-compassion during the trying to conceive process.

Clear quartz- use to amplify your intentions of getting/being pregnant.

Moonstone- for its powerful connection to the feminine - to help balance hormones, strengthen the immune system and increase fertility.

Citrine- for it’s positive energy, it is a protective stone for reproductive health.


Includes free item!!!!

Smokey quartz bracelet

Comes in a white organza bag (packaged to protect each individual stone for shipping)

For more info on what the crystals do for your fertility journey, message me and I’ll be happy to help 💖

We only sell high grade quality crystals.

I have one of these sets left, and available. There are other fertility/pregnancy crystal sets in stock.

Fertility/Conception Crystal kit, lepidolite,selenite,moonstone,amethyst,quartz,

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