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Welcome to The Crystal Healer Store!

this kit contains - lepidolite, green aventurine, citrine and carnelian

The crystals in your kit - {only high quality/graded crystals are used}

Green aventurine- provides strength and courage. calms nervous feelings and motivates you to take action where needed. Brings in inner harmony, whilst attracting abundance and good fortune.

Carnelian - Helps to anchor you to the present moment, giving you the balance of living in the present.

Boosts self confidence and self esteem. Awakens creativity and a zest for life, great for embarking on new endeavours.

Lepidolite - Brings a peaceful energy to you, it’s calming properties help to ease anxieties and stress, aiding in any tension you are feeling. Helos harmonise the mind, body and spirit with its peaceful energy.

Citrine tumble - A supporter of inner strength and healing. Working with the solar plexus it aids to ease feelings of distress. Citrine promotes finding joy even in the hardest of times, to build a positive mindset and elevates the energy to bring everything back into balance.

You may wish to use your crystals by holding them, by carrying them with you, or keeping them in your desk drawer.

New job - abundance, luck, confidence, stress aid crystal kit.

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