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On ordering, message through the situation that you would like to work with or eleviate. 

If you prefer a dropper bottle to take internally let me know, otherwise i will make up a spray bottle version using essential oils to match your elixir vibration. 


About our elixirs -


  • All elixirs are made with sun or moon infused energy
  • All crystals are selected with the vibratory intention and power of crystals
  • All crystal elixir mixes are set with alchemic protection for the user
  • All elixirs hold the vibrational energy of an Archangel that will assist in the user's journey
  • All elixirs are bathed in a sound bath 
  • All crystals are charged to their highest held wisdom 
  • All elixirs are infused with the love/light frequency


Please allow for a few days for your elixir to be made.

Personalised Crystal Elixir

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