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As a level 2 QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique) and BQH (beyond quantum healing) practitioner I am offering the chance to heal through mini hypnosis sessions. 

In this 90 minute hypnosis i will take you to a past life that needs healing - something that has carried over to this lifetime. 

This is hugely focussed on healing, letting go of what no longer serves you and, working through past life baggage, in order to fully live the best life you can in the 'now'. 

These mini sessions are really successful and priced so that it is affordable for anyone wanting to start their healing journey!

I look forward to facilitating a session for you very soon. 

As part of this purchase you will recieve one free month member subscription to exclusive content worth $8.50. 

Subscription plan details can be found here:

Our $99 offer on this product has ended now

Soul Stories Hypnosis mini session + one free month membership subscription

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