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Tigers eye is known for its properties in calming the mind and easing anxiety.

Black Obsidian works to dispel negative thoughts and energies. Promoting positive feelings.

This kit contains: tigers eye/black obsidian beaded necklace, tigers eye tumbled stone, and a crystal elixir spray made from tigers eye crystal energy. It has been infused with soothing essential oils that promote peace and serenity.

Tigers eye helps to ground energies, to bring you back down to earth when feeling anxious or stressed.

Spray around your auric field or use in meditation. Can also be helpful to spray in the bedroom before sleep, to aid a restful and peaceful slumber.

If you are pregnant let us know so that we can ensure your elixir spray blend contains pregnancy safe oils.

Tigers Eye/ Black Obsidian Crystal set - beaded necklace, crystal & elixir

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